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Protection of Intellectual Properties

SIOLink values and protects customers’ Intellectual properties in highest standard. We enforce strict security procedures to govern our infrastructure, systems, communications and practices. Confidential and sensitive business logic and data are protected in our North American division. Our software development platform is further strengthened by deploying sophisticated tool suite to ensure no leakage of information during the software development phases.


Chaperon, our latest addition to our secure tool-suite environment allows us to further strengthen our protection of customer’s IP. It allows us to send software development to our China employees, and outsourcing partners around the world – without the possibility of copying or pirating. Source code is fully protected during shipment and transport within the secure development environment. Only authorized parties can work with the code to perform authorized operations. That means that remote employees, outsourcing and offshore partners can develop, modify, add, compile and debug the encrypted source without the risk of copying or piracy enroute or onsite. This highly sophisticated and secure development environment has built-in safety nets that protect intellectual property at every juncture.

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