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TrekLogic Advanced Solutions is a leading software and Internet solution provider. Founded in 1997 and based in Toronto, Canada. Our customers span a wide variety of industries and professions, work for multi-national corporations and small businesses, and range from highly skilled IT groups to non-computer users. Regardless of industry or level of expertise, the reason for using TrekLogic remains the same: to achieve the most effective business solution at the most competitive price. Quality, flexibility and responsiveness have earned us an excellent reputation in the industry.
Brainhunter is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified "Technology Driven Staffing Procurement Services and Solutions" company. Brainhunter's business is focused on using the Brainhunter Human Capital Management Platform to provide fully integrated end-to-end recruiting and staffing services and solutions in the following market sectors: Information Technology, Engineering, Industrial and Health Care.
Neusoft is a specialized vendor of solutions, digital products and services with our expertise in software technologies. We have established a Neusoft-featured business model with our integration of software and industry application, combination of software and digitalized products, cultivation of talents in software and consultation services.
We have fully demonstrated our cutting edge in technology as well as professional understanding of businesses from across industries, which proves that Neusoft is an absolute expert in terms of both technology and industry IT solutions. We have successfully developed large-size medical equipment systems, network security products, auto electronics and mobile communication facilities software by integrating software into medical, security and communication applications that has made the most from software. We have also built a learning and HR development platform for our customers through our education and training operation, bringing customers closer to us.
Chaperon LLC gives you an immediate competitive advantage by giving you the opportunity to offer your customers what they've been looking for -- the benefits of offshoring, without the risks. This breakthrough service allows companies to provide you with their source code within a highly sophisticated and secure, open source development environment with safety nets at every juncture.
Modern Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd. (Dalian) is a high tech enterprise involving software R&D, hardware R&D, digital radiotherapy, virtual reality, broad band network, E-commerce platform, education & training. The continuous development of Modern Hi-Tech has attracted a mass of professionals engaged in radiotherapy, radiation physics, precise mechanics, automatic control and computer application.
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